New release of program CarTracker TachoTEK version valid from 7.11.2022

– Bugfix “RangeException (ListIndex Error)” when downloading driver card
– Report “Driving without a driver’s card” corrected display of zero kilometers
– Report “Statistics – infringements driver working times” fixed bug of counting and clasifications of infringements–
– Report “Stays abroad” supplemented by the column “Working time”
– Fixed displaying of driver mileage in summary activity view
– Export to Excel “Drivers shifts summarized times” has fixed column headings for night work
– Report “Driving without a card” supplemented by the possibility to ignore such trips shorter than 1 km
– Fixed errors in night work evaluation and country entry
– Supplemented control report on some points of regulations EC 1071/2009 and 1072/2009 and their amendments 1055/2020, valid from 2.2.2022
– Fixed a bug when evaluating a divided daily rest
– Updated “Help” texts (when pressing F1) and all context to call up the correct help description
– Fixed issue with interval displaying in activity filter
– Added Fault and Event Codes in the Vehicle View
– Fixed display of date format when selecting time zone in Settings
– Removed non-existent “Notifications” in Settings
– Redesigned text in the window indicating the non-inserted USB license key
– Visually changed text when displaying the infringements End/Start without a specified countrydownload the app »

Technical problems

Remote control

Remote Support is realized with TeamViewer.

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