New release of CarTracker TachoTEK Gen.2-2 (Smart 2)

(version valid from 8.7.2024)

Customers with a purchased license can download this version from program; Main menu -> Update check

Or from this link the ZIP file. Or from here CarTrackerSetup.exe

! All older releases and versions of CarTracker can be updated to this version

! However, the update does not automatically activate the module for Gen.2-2, activation is charged.

Previous release of CarTracker

(Version sold from 2014 to 2021 and Version 1.3.xx from 1.3.2021 till 30.8.2023)

!! All these versions can be reinstalled with the new version – the note about activating the Gen.2-2 module applies here

Previous release TDCS 3 (valid from 11.1.2013 till 30.8.2014)

We request to esteemed customers that have downloaded latest update of TDCS 3 (build 382) valid till 30.8.2014, as it appeared in the prior program bugs.

Download TDCS3

After download unpack and then start the Setup.exe

Previous release of Tachograph driver card software 2

Download Tachograph driver card software 2

After download unpack and then start the Setup.exe

Tachograph driver card software 1.4

Download of the main program version 1.4

Download only if you have purchased a license for these plug-ins

Download of the TDCS Client

Download TDCS Offences

Crystal Reports