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    DigiFobPro2 - mobile analysis of Driver Cards and Vehicle Units

    Digifobpro2 – New generation – mobile analysis of Driver Cards and Vehicle Units

    Since 2008 the digifobpro has been hailed as the ultimate in portable Tachograph Analysis solutions. In use by many law enforcement authorities across Europe, as the Litmus test for driver card and vehicle data at the roadside. The New Generation digifobpro is not just a simple update on an already successful product it is a huge leap forward, utilising oodles of new technology.

    The digifobpro contains a comprehensive EU Rules engine and will download driver cards and analyse the data on the spot, highlighting any infringements and summarising the data.

    Download vehicle data at optimum speed and with full progress feedback. Check vehicle data for events, analyse speed data even drill down to individual activity records.
    Digifobpro is fast (seriously fast) and easy to use via its intuitive interface. The product is also highly robust in its standard rubber bumper which will withstand the most difficult of environments. Your investment will be safe for many years to come.

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    Terminal digiPostPro

    780,00 €

    699,00 €
    VAT not included


    Terminal device DigiPostPro not only serves for downloading the driver card and memory data, but also for the immediate evaluation of driver card date for the last 28 days that appear on the LCD.

    After downloading the device sends data to the server, either via LAN or GPRS.
    In the LAN version is therefore necessary to have the installation site connection to a computer LAN network.
    In the version of GPRS is in the device inserted SIMM card from mobile operator, which allows data connection.
    Both versions require connection 220 V.

    Other financing options listed on the website in Slovak language, apply only to Slovakia and the Czech Republic.